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What should I do if I test positive?

If you test positive for COVID while attending or immediately after attending DisCon III, the convention would appreciate being informed at covid@discon3.org to facilitate contact tracing. Your name and personally identifiable information will be kept private.

Where can I get a COVID test?

For the benefit of travelers who need COVID tests to return to their home country or anyone else who desires a COVID test, we have posted a list of local COVID-19 testing locations.


Which vaccines are acceptable?

Any vaccine authorized in the country in which the vaccine was received, including authorization for emergency use, for human use as a COVID vaccine is acceptable. The World Health Organization maintains information on the status of vaccine trials and approvals.

I was a participant in a vaccine trial; is this acceptable?

Please contact us directly at covid@discon3.org so we can evaluate your situation on a case-by-case basis.

What does “fully vaccinated” mean?

“Fully vaccinated means you must have received all required COVID vaccination doses no later than 14 days prior to the day you arrive at DisCon III to allow them to reach full efficacy before arrival. For people arriving on Wednesday 15 December that would be December 1st. The date of vaccination will be confirmed as part of the pre-Registration check.

The CDC provides information on vaccines authorized in the United States. For other vaccines, please consult with health experts in your country.

Do I need a booster shot?

A booster shot is not a requirement for entry. We are aware that some countries advise booster shots for some individuals. This is an evolving health policy area.

In the US the CDC currently recommends booster shots to everyone 18 and older. Booster shots can be received six months after completing a two-shot Pfizer or Moderna vaccine series, or two months after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Other countries recommend other dosing intervals and have set availability at different age points.

As general health advice DisCon III encourages its members to follow whatever policies are in place in their country of residence and to consult their doctor as needed.

What forms of proof of vaccination are accepted?

We will accept original vaccination cards, digital or physical photographs or photocopies of vaccination cards (front and back), or electronic documentation provided by your country or state of origin, including print-outs of such documentation. This documentation should be provided in person at the Registration desk on site. 

If you are concerned about the acceptability of your particular form of documentation (for example, your documentation is not in English and may not be understood by DisCon III staff), we encourage you to contact us in advance at covid@discon3.org.

What if the name on my ID and the name on my vaccination card don’t match?

We know that there are many real reasons that a mismatch may occur, particularly among trans and nonbinary people as well as others who may have changed their names. We are happy to accommodate people in this situation on a case by case basis. Simply contact covid@discon3.org with the subject line: Name Mismatch [registration name] and outline your specific situation so that our staff can work with you ahead of time.

I can’t be vaccinated for a medical reason. What should I do?

At this time, DisCon III requires all members to be vaccinated without exception. We encourage you to consult with medical professionals about whether any of the available vaccines could work for you. If vaccination is not possible for you, we invite those who cannot be vaccinated to attend virtually. Refunds to Virtual are available with no questions asked until December 1. If you need a refund for your membership, please contact registration@discon3.org. If you prefer to become a supporting member rather than attending virtually, refunds down to Supporting are available with no questions asked until August 31.

I or my children are not eligible to be vaccinated due to age. What should I do?

Unfortunately, DisCon III requires all members to be vaccinated without exception. At time of writing vaccinations have been approved in the US for children over 5, however as with all vaccination rollouts this situation is not globally equal. Those children who have received the full course of vaccinations (as above) are eligible to attend the convention. We are continuing to allow no-questions-asked full refunds for children’s memberships until December 1. Associated adults, including parents and older siblings, may receive a no-questions-asked refund to Supporting level until December 1.

Will there be children’s programming?

Yes. We are planning in-person programming as well as virtual content. The in-person program items are contingent upon vaccinations being approved for children between the ages of 5-11. In mid-October, we will make the final assessment about whether those in-person events can safely take place.


What counts as a mask?

A mask should completely cover your nose and mouth with material that can effectively filter droplets and aerosolized particles. It should fit snugly against the sides of your face without gaps. Nose wires are recommended to improve fit, and multiple layers are generally more effective. Face shields are not an acceptable alternative to masks, although they can be worn in addition to masks if you desire. For more information on masking, please visit the CDC Guide to Masks.

I can’t wear a mask for a medical reason. What should I do?

Unfortunately, DisCon III requires all members to wear masks in convention spaces without exception, except while actively eating or drinking. We encourage you to work with your medical professionals to try and find a style of masks that works for you before the convention. If you need a refund for your membership, please contact registration@discon3.org. Refunds down to Virtual or Supporting are available with no questions asked until August 31.

I’m hard of hearing or Deaf, and masks impede my ability to understand people. What should I do?

DisCon III will be providing clear masks to all presenters and front-line staff to facilitate communication.

Will there be exceptions to the mask policy for musicians or performers?

We are aware of the level of difficulty that masks add for musicians and performers. At the time of this writing, we are exploring options but there are no one-size-fits all solutions.

What if I lose or break my mask?

DisCon III advises bringing multiple masks to the convention, and having a second mask in your pocket or purse at all times for back-up. We will have surgical masks available for free at the Info Desk and Registration for emergencies. We will also be selling clear masks for members who would find them beneficial.

Where can I remove my mask to eat at the con?

There will be designated public areas in the hotel where you can remove your mask to eat and drink. If eating you must be seated at a table, you may not walk and eat. We recommend that people do not spend more than 30 minutes eating in order to allow others their opportunity. You can, of course, be unmasked when outside the hotel.

I’m thirsty and I’m not in a designated area, what should I do?

You can take your mask down briefly in any area of the convention to take a drink, ideally from a resealable container. Carrying a beverage is not a reason to have your mask off, nor is continually taking sips of liquid over a prolonged period of time.

I saw some Dealers/Fan Table staff eating, how come they can?

While we are encouraging Dealers & those staffing Fan Tables, Site Selection, etc. to eat in designated spaces we understand that they may not be able to find cover for their table, so they are permitted to eat in the Exhibit’s hall but must remask if approached by other attendees. Other attendees are not allowed to eat or drink in the Exhibit Hall.

Can I eat or drink at a party?

While eating and drinking is permitted inside hotel rooms and suites that are hosting parties, we would strongly encourage people to keep their masks on as much as possible. If you leave the party room or suite you must be masked.

Tracker apps

Your policy mentions a tracker app. How does it work?

Android: The DC COVID Alert Notice (DC CAN) app is available for Android and uses Bluetooth to determine if you have spent time in proximity to an individual who is later diagnosed with COVID 19. Unfortunately, the DC CAN app is not compatible with COVID 19 tracking apps from other jurisdictions. Use of the app may require that you temporarily disable any other COVID-tracking app that you may have installed.

iOS: iOS users can use the iPhone Exposure Notifications system for the same purpose.

More information can be found at https://coronavirus.dc.gov/dccan


The US has closed its borders to my country due to Covid after the 1st of December, what can I do?

In the exceptional circumstances where the US closes its borders due to Covid after the refund cut-off of the 1st of December we will continue to allow a refund from Attending to Virtual Membership. Please email reg@discon3.org to discuss this.

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