Virtual Con Suite and Parties

One of the most important parts of any convention is the opportunity to meet with your peers to socialize and network. These virtual room parties are filled with smaller breakout rooms with two to eight people — think of them like tables at the conference room bar — that you can circulate through to visit. Use the menu below to navigate the page.

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  • December 15, Wednesday – 2:30pm – midnight
  • December 16, Thursday – 6:00am – midnight
  • December 17, Friday –  6:00am – midnight
  • December 18, Saturday – 6:00am – midnight
  • December 19, Sunday – 6:00am – midnight

How to navigate the con suite.

  • This works best from a computer with the newest version of Zoom downloaded.
  • When you arrive, you’ll be in the Suite’s “waiting room” which you can think of as knocking on the door. It may take the host a minute to get to the door, especially if there’s a line, but they’ll welcome you in.
  • Inside, you’ll be in the “main lobby.” The rest of the event takes place in breakout rooms, which are like conversation groups at a physical party. Hint: We recommend thinking of these as small conversational groups rather than rooms.
  • If you have downloaded the newest version of Zoom, you will be able to see the breakout rooms button at the bottom of your computer screen.
  • Click “breakout rooms” and you’ll be able to see the list of available rooms.
    • – If on a PC, click “join” to jump to any location.
    • – If on a Mac, hover over the number and then click “join” to jump to any location.

Tip: If you cannot see the list of rooms, that probably means you have not downloaded the newest version of Zoom. Please log out and update your Zoom client. Once you log back in, this will allow you to move between the rooms and enjoy the party.

Feel free to circulate, just like at a regular party. If you want to go somewhere specific, you click on the breakout room button to see a list of other rooms or click “Leave Breakout Room” to teleport back to the “main lobby.” 

How does the bar work?

When the bar is open, we have live bartenders who will guide you through mixing a beverage at home. They can help with zero-proof beverages, too.

If you can make a simple syrup and have a citrus juice, like lemon, lime, orange, or grapefruit, it will dramatically increase the range of offerings available.

Etiquette and conduct

A note on etiquette: It gets hard to have a conversation if there’s more than six people in a room so try to circulate to keep the numbers balanced.

People have mentioned feeling awkward leaving a conversation online because we’re used to using video conferencing for structured meetings. Shift your frame to thinking about being at a party, where you can wander freely. Try one of these options:

  1. Say “I’m going to circulate” or “I’m heading to the couch.”
  2. Just leave and don’t announce.
  3. Mention it in the chat window, instead of with your voice.

The  Con Suite, like all DisCon III spaces, is subject to our code of conduct. To report an incident:

  • Email
  • Mention @listener on Discord
  • Notify a Staff Member who can get in contact with the Listener Team
  • Do not take screenshots without permission
  • Do not record without permission
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