DisCon III Art Show Rules

Physical Display

You must be at least a Supporting Member ($50) to exhibit in person or to mail-in or drop off your art.  You must be an Attending Member to see anything but the Art Show.  The link for memberships is: https://discon3.org/membership/membership-information/. Membership at any level lets you vote for the Hugo Awards this year, and Site Selection for the 2023 Worldcon.

Art should be of a Fantasy, SF, or fannish nature.  Single copies of signed limited edition prints are allowed for bid sale as long as those same prints are not available elsewhere at the convention.

You may display art that is not for sale.  Once accepted into the Art Show, you will receive further instructions.

All artwork must be clearly labeled with piece name, artist name and number. Two-dimensional art must be matted, shrink-wrapped, mounted, and/or framed, and have a label on the back.  Three-dimensional art (especially jewelry) should have a tag attached and preferably be in a locked case or mounted on a display board.  Each piece of art will also have a bid sheet attached to it, whether for sale or not, identifying the artist, medium, and other information.

Artists should download, print, and fill out this PDF with the relevant details about the pieces they are submitting to the art show.

Reproduction rights are NOT included in any sale.

Once entered in the show, no piece may be withdrawn or the conditions of sale (minimum bid, Quick Sale price, NFS status) changed without the permission of the Art Show Director or designee.

Minimum bid is the least price you will accept for the sale of your art.  The Quick Sale price (if you want to do one) should be at least 150% of the minimum bid, since it is not eligible for auction.  Quick sale is only allowed if there are no bids on the piece.  Pieces with 5 bids will go to voice auction on Sunday morning.

Photography will NOT be allowed in the Art Show without express permission of the Art Show Director. Press photographers may be allowed to take wide-angle shots of the room, or photograph a particular artist’s panels only with the artist present (with the permission of the Art Show Director or designee).

Set-up will be late on Tuesday, December 14 and early Wednesday, December 15.  All unsold art must be removed by the artist by 2 PM on Sunday, December 19.

We reserve the right to refuse to exhibit any piece for any reason.  Work that is judged to be libelous, plagiaristic, obscene, or in violation of any trademark will not be permitted.  Also, no artwork from any commercial patterns, kits, or molds are allowed.

There is a limit of 4 panels, or 2 panels and 2 tables with a max of 2 tables.  Panels are made of pegboard.  We will supply hanging materials (hooks and clips for art, long hooks for prints).

The fee for a 4 x 3 panel or a 3ft x 30 in table is $20.  There will not be a separate Print Shop at present, so if you are displaying prints they must be on any panel space you purchase.  There is no extra charge for prints.

We will not charge any commission on any sale.

If you are physically exhibiting in the Art Show, you may also be able to display additional pieces of art  virtually—up to 10 images at no extra cost to you, if space is available.  You will be responsible for selling your art that is displayed virtually.  A link to your web store or other point of contact will be provided as part of the virtual display.

Virtual Display

If you do not plan to attend the convention, you can still display your art virtually.  We will have pages set up where you can display your art, and plan to have a monitor in the Art Show displaying these pages throughout the show.  Attendees (in person and online) will also be able to access virtual pages from the main convention website.

You need to provide us with a URL to have a connection to your website or online store, and a short bio and contact information.

Any sales done virtually will be done by the artist, and shipping to the buyer is the artist’s responsibility.

You can exhibit up to 10 images on your page, with a file size of 5 MB max and an image size of 2000 x 3000 pixels wide and tall, max.

In the online environment, a convention member could use a screen capture tool or other methods to take a snapshot of art.  You should take measures to discourage misuse.  One such method is watermarking the image.

There will be a fee of $25 for entering virtual art and you MUST HAVE a Supporting Membership.

We will not charge any commission on any sale.

Mail-in Art

We are accepting mail-in art on a space-available basis.  The shipping address will be included in your confirmation letter.  All work shipped to the convention must be prepaid, and also must include return postage and your preferred method of shipping.  There is no separate mail-in fee, but you must be a Supporting Member of DisCon III (https://discon3.org/membership/membership-information/) and you must pay for the space, either panel or table.

Artist Application

Please fill out this Artist Application (link removed) to be entered in the Art Show. At the end of the form you will be directed to the Payment page.

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